Our Story

Our story begins in 2013, back then we are specializing in the trading of Lithium batteries of China Domestic market. Seeing the fast development of Electric bike and Electric motorbike market , we decided to start our own battery pack assembling factory with our professional understanding of Lithium batteries in 2016. With years of efforts, our battery pack were widely used in consumer electronics, light vehicle industry, industrial area, leisure products, energy storage area. TIB Power now is armed with a team of over 100 experienced staff, covers an area of 6000 square meters.

To Infinity and Beyond

Today we privileged to connect with hundreds of world-wide customers every year with excellent products and service. We built relationship with customers like Retailers, Wholesale Distributors, OEM Brand customers. The company name TIB comes from the proverb To infinity and Beyond, which inspires people to go beyond themself.

High Quality Production

We’ve always believed in serving the best power products possible. It is our goal for all our products to be produced under the highest standards of quality. Our engineer test the solution over and over to guarantee the safety of the product is great. Our quality team check the product one by one to ensure the performance of product is perfect. We are committed to innovating and improving our existing technical standards to bring our customers the best and safest technology experience in life.